Embracing Extraordinary
Established in 2023, Lingotto exists to deliver attractive long-term returns to its limited partners.

‍We will achieve this by constantly challenging conventional thinking
to create something exceptional for the long term.

We openly acknowledge that Lingotto is not the right home for everybody.
It’s a home for those willing and able to embrace the extraordinary.

At Lingotto, we have assembled a unique team of outstanding investment professionals who can express themselves in order to generate outperformance for our clients. At Lingotto they are free to pursue their passion for investing without the bureaucracy of most large organisations, or the loneliness of standalone funds.

We have multiple investment strategies, each led by a Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO). The unifying thread is a commitment to being curious, courageous, humble and patient. Where appropriate we are comfortable with concentration, illiquidity and volatility, which we view as opportunities rather than risks.

Consistent with this approach, we seek to provide our teams with an environment that is streamlined, entrepreneurial and collaborative. Where highly capable investors can focus on what they love: investing.

Lingotto defines success as ensuring that assets under management primarily grow through performance rather than capital flows. We will be highly selective in partnering with like-minded investors who share our long-term perspective.

~$5bn Assets Under Management Today¹
¹ As at 31 March 2024, including commitments. Includes strategies that are not currently open to external investors.